Year 7 Induction Sessions

Monday 10 June saw our Year 7s participate in the fifth session of their induction into the Secondary School. It was a morning full of movement and action that had the students compete in a range of team activities. The students worked together in Connect and House groups to complete a range of problem solving puzzles with Keera House being the winner on the day, earning their free pizza party lunch.

The Year 7 cohort have gelled well as a group. Throughout the five part induction process this semester, they have:

  • Identified their Character Strengths
  • Explored what it means to be a proud member of the College Community
  • Understanding how to respect others’ differences and celebrate diversity
  • Worked in teams
  • Started the process of looking at their future pathways.

It has been pleasing to see the group work so well together, and as individuals, to establish their place in the Secondary School. The students have united well within their Houses of Keera, Cobar, Thrarah and Boree and it was fantastic to see the great teamwork displayed through the sessions. The energy, enthusiasm and competitiveness of the students clearly highlighted their sense of belonging to their House and Connect groups. Well done Year 7s. We look forward to a united and successful Semester two.

Dean Stevens – Head of House Tharah