Year 7 – 9 Restaurant Competition

3 Trees Restaurant & Café hosted our first Year 7 – 9 Restaurant Competition at the start of the term. Students were given the challenge of designing a meal that featured egg as the key ingredient and cost less than $5 a serve in teams of two. The finished products were a selection of both sweet and savoury dishes prepared to an extremely high standard, with one team even inspiring our VET Awards breakfast menu with their creation. It was great to see the students take risks to develop their skills and knowledge both through their preparation and on the day. The students ended the day with a Bread Making Masterclass led by Allan Siu which was enjoyed by all and left FT Block smelling like a bakery.
The day would not have been a success without the guidance of our mentors: Natasha Cameron, Leah Cremen, Alan Siu, Giuseppe Tedesco-Gueli and Thuy Thach-Nguyen. Special thanks to our judges: Tom Bishop (3 Trees Restaurant &Café), Vanessa Campbell (Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre) and Simon Kelly (Training Direct Australia).
Congratulation to our eighteen budding chefs, we can’t wait to see what you come up with next!
Gold Medal Recipients: Ashley Adams, Jessenia Abdullah-Brooking, Ryan Atta-Singh, Ian Choi, Eleena Finall, Ben Gordon, Chantelle Gwynne, Kaiya Grigull, Mia Luong, Beatrix Messerschmidt, Noah Schepis-Wells, Angel Scott, Enya Yang & Sharon Yu
Silver Medal Recipients: Ghazala Arbish, Astrid Messerschmidt, Isaac Oliver & Mamoon Waqas