Year 6 to Year 12 BYOD

Did you know…

From Year 6, CCC students can bring a device to school that is either a laptop or an Apple iPad! Students will continue to use this device throughout Junior Secondary. From Year 10-12 students are expected to bring a laptop device to school every lesson every day.

Bringing a device to school enables students to…

  • Facilitate Inquiry learning through accessing educational sites and research material
  • Use OneNote in each of their subject areas to access subject material, produce work and access ongoing feedback from their teachers
  • Engage with Education Perfect as a study tool to reinforce concepts in class and at home
  • Access emails and easily communicate with their teachers
  • Access timetables and Connect notices to be up to date with College events

CCC students are expected to bring their own device to school every day to enhance their learning opportunities and fully engage in the all aspects of the curriculum. For more information about BYOD and the Responsible Use of Technology Policy, please visit the College website