Year 6 Graduate Junior School!

Graduation Day is a rite of passage for our Year 6 students, marking the end of a phase of learning and opening the door to another. It is always a proud day for students and families. The ceremony was filled with music and smiles, and the occasional tears of pride and accomplishment. We are very proud of our 2019 Year 6 cohort.


As a P-12 College, our graduation ceremony is an important marker in the journey through the College over time. Straight after the graduation, Year 6 students become Year 7 students and participate in a Welcoming Ceremony organised by the Secondary School. This ceremony brings together Year 6 students from CCC and the many students who will be attending the College from other Primary Schools in 2020.


House culture is a strong feature of the Welcoming Ceremony, with students coming into the College being allocated a House and welcomed into the College Community.