Year 5 Taster Day

The Year 5 Taster day gave the Calamvale Community students the opportunity to try a high school setting. There were a range of exciting experiences on offer from students creating music using digital audio workstations, exploring chemical reactions and appreciating the colourfulness of Science. They used a range of food resources to design and create three different food parcels, explored programming to move a robot through an obstacle course, developed a prototype in a virtual world, explored artwork to reinterpret the world around them and finally they developed and built a design in response to a challenge. It was a fabulous day. The Year 5 students said:I was a communicator when I worked together with other students when doing the design challenge.I became more knowledgeable when I thought about new ideas in philosophy.I became more knowledgeable when I didn’t know how to solve the escape puzzles in the Philosophyclass when we had to figure out the codes to get out of the escape rooms.I was an inquirer when I was doing music because I was asking lots of questions about how the song sounds.I enjoyed Taster Day because it was fun and it was getting us to try things like cooking, designing, music, etc. (future choices!) We are lucky to go to CCC!