Year 12 Career News

During iTime this week, Year 12 students were given an opportunity to learn about post-Year 12 pathways and QTAC applications. A copy of the presentation slides is attached along with the current information regarding open days for tertiary institutions. Students have been, and will continue, receiving information via the shared OneNote “Well-being and Career Hub” and regular updates via email.

Every Year 12 will receive an appointment time (regardless of ATAR, Diploma, Non-ATAR or IB) to meet with a guidance officer during Term 3. It is the responsibility of students to attend their allocated appointment time. For this appointment it is expected that students wishing to make QTAC applications have with them their “Guidance Appointment QTAC Preference Sheet” (see attached) completed and signed by parent/caregiver. Students are also encouraged to develop a list of any questions or discussion items to bring with them to their appointment. Students on a non-ATAR or vocational pathway will also be given the opportunity to meet with the guidance officer to discuss pathways and/or further study options.

All students who attended the presentation have received a copy the QTAC guide. The information contained in this guide is also available online via the QTAC website ( Students with VET qualifications (Cert III, Cert IV and Diploma) are eligible to apply for some universities and courses offered via QTAC. Please note, that students have been asked to use the adjusted ranks (not unadjusted) as their guide to receiving a successful offer in a course. There are details within the presentation slides regarding preferences courses and key dates.

Once students have completed their guidance officer appointment it is their responsibility to complete an application via the QTAC website. QTAC charges a fee of $45, which allows for three free changes of preferences (meaning students can change their preferences when ATAR/IB results are released –provided the closing date has not passed for their chosen course or offer round). It is also the student’s responsibility to ensure all necessary documentation is uploaded to QTAC, including EAS scholarship details, prior to any deadlines.

Guidance Appointment Preferences Sheet

Open Days 2020

QTAC Presentation CCC 2020