Year 11 Griffith University Excursion

Griffith Business School’s Responsible Business and Government Leaders of the Future conference.


On Wednesday 25 May, 23 students from our business courses at the College engaged in an exciting and challenging conference with students from a variety of local schools. As part of the conference, students were challenged to problem solve, develop ideas and suggest solutions to reimagine how organisations and leaders face 21st century challenges.


Our mixture of students from IB Diploma, Diploma of Business and Accounting classes joined to make teams with students from other schools where they developed logos, mission statements and finally a two minute presentation about their concept. A highlight of the day was encouraging unsuspecting university students to “vote” for their logo which was posted on Instagram. All present on the day voted for the winning team, with three of our students forming part of that team. The conference was an excellent opportunity for our students to develop 21st century skills in communication, critical thinking, teamwork and personal social skills.