World Scholars’ Cup Success!

Congratulations to our Junior and Senior teams who competed at the Brisbane Regional Round of the World Scholars’ Cup during the first week of the holidays. This year we had an amazing eleven teams enter, with students from Years 5 – 10 taking on the challenge. Excitingly, nine of our teams have qualified for the global round in Sydney.
This annual competition is held all over the world, with many international and private schools competing. Over 2 very long days, the students undertook a range of challenges, including Debating, the Scholars’ Bowl, Collaborative Writing and individual challenges. They competed against teams from 14 others schools including other state and private schools at Churchie and won a number of awards.

Our Junior Teams (Year 5-8) had some wonderful achievements, Ameesha Prakash, Dain Sony and Kaylee Alcayde placed 3rd in the Team Debating Challenge. Ameesha Prakash was nominated as one of the outstanding speakers in debating at the competition and performed in the Debate Showcase with other selected speakers from both the Junior and Senior divisions. Astrid Messerschmit, Beatrix Messerschmidt and Ben Godon also placed 2nd in the Top Challenge Team achieving many medals individually in this area, alongside their other medals. There were many other highly notable achievements including: 6th place in Social Studies – Zach Weir (Year 6), Arts – Eloise Marsden (Year 5), Science – Isaac Oliver (Year 8) and gold medals in writing for Year 5, 6, 7 students – Amber Tran, Delwyn Zeng, Thryambika Maniraj, Tiffany Song, Vicky Kweon.
The Senior Team, Riley Andrews, Connor Andrews and Danielle Sekulla, competed against teams of students from Years 10-12, and placed 11th overall in the Team Writing Challenge and 13th in the Scholars’ Bowl.
We would like to thank these talented students and their families for giving up their time to train on Wednesday afternoons, study at home and to compete in the holidays. Thank you also to their teachers who teach them the skills needed in academic competitions such as this one. A special thank you to Ruth Smith for her wonderful coaching in the Wednesdays leading up to competition.