World Education Program (WEP): Meet Bo Liu

The School Language Assistants Program (SLAP) is an Australian Federal Government scheme that seeks to provide Australian schools with the opportunity to gain a linguistic and cultural resource person from overseas for up to 12 months.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for all visiting assistants. Over the course of their visit, assistants are immersed into our Australian culture, our day-to-day activities through home-staying, and what it means to live as a local in Australia.
Within the school, assistants gain skills through classroom assistanceship. They assist teachers in classroom preparation, observation and direct learning of students. Assistants can also work individually with students or in small groups, and help prepare students for oral examinations. There is also scope for cross-curricular activities in collaboration with other subject areas.
At Calamvale, we have welcomed Bo Liu for Terms 1 and 2. Bo lived in China and completed studies in Graphics Design before applying for WEP. She heard about the program from her friends, and decided to apply in order to improve her English and gain exposure to other countries and cultures.
The application process took about three months; after she was accepted, Bo arrived in Brisbane during October last year. She was immediately smitten with the warm climate of Queensland, and the close proximity of the Gold Coast.
At Calamvale Community College, Bo quickly settled into the rhythm of education and teaching in Australia. On a typical day, Bo would assist the Chinese language teachers prepare for the Year 1 and 2 classes – this includes tasks such as photocopying, filing and laminating documents, as well as researching about fun and engaging tasks to incorporate into lessons. She plays games with them and organises DIY activities regarding China and the Chinese culture. Bo also accompanies students on excursions. Throughout her stay, Bo has always aimed to always facilitate language and cultural exchange with her young students.
Bo is still undecided regarding her plans after her 10-month WEP assistanceship. She would like to pursue teaching, and would ideally visit or study in Australia again, thanks to her positive experiences at Calamvale.