Why is it Important to Celebrate our Success?

We’ve been back a month already and we are still celebrating our students’ successes.  Curious, creative and clever defines Calamvale Community College and that is no better exemplified than in the 2018 seniors’ results.  Across multiple pathways, leading to all walks of life, Calamvale students have met and exceeded expectations.

Why is this so important for CCC?


Because it proves we can! Too often our students don’t believe in themselves and sometimes our community doesn’t trust that this level of success can be achieved right here in the local community.  It is true that hardworking students get good results, but what these results prove is that all students can achieve the best results at Calamvale Community College.  The 2018 results demonstrate that our dedicated staff are able to provide the ‘power-lift’ required for support our students achieving their potential.  This College has produced 4 OP 1 in two years and has consistently over three years achieved 55-60% OP 1-10.  This is no accident, the students and the teachers have worked tirelessly to leverage their full potential.  For the third year running, beginning with ten in our first year, last year we graduated 34 Diplomas of Business; testament to the trust that exists between parents, students and staff to achieve the best outcomes for each student’s chosen pathway.  The traineeships and apprenticeships are equally important and match the OP scores in their high level of success.  Follow the link to our website to see just a snapshot of our students’ success https://calamvalecc.eq.edu.au/our-community/alumni


So what were those results?

Three of our students, Jasmin, Humda and Dona achieved OP1 this year, James scored OP2 and 60% of the students who studied the OP course, achieved OP1-10, 93% OP1-15 guaranteeing them access to any of the universities in Brisbane.  Dona Sony was the recipient of the University of Queensland Vice Chancellors’ Scholarship.  The overwhelming comment from our students was “I just can’t thank my teachers enough!”  underlining the great relationships and the results that are achieved by hardworking students and dedicated teachers in state schools.

As well as these results, released during the holidays, 34 students, already recognised at Awards Night 2018, completed a Diploma of Business and are able to access a rank-equivalent OP 9 in targeted courses and 100% of students graduated with a Queensland Certificate of Education and many more took opportunities to extend their vocational learning into TAFE and onto employment.  Calamvale Community College is delivering on community expectations for local students in our local area.

What difference does this make?

At 2208 students, our community is demonstrating their trust in our College and we are relishing the opportunity to drive success for each and every one of our students.

There’s no better place to be than CCC!