Welcome Back Junior Secondary

Welcome to Term 2 Junior Secondary

Welcome to Term 2. In Junior Secondary this term, we will have a specific focus on the College value of ‘Responsibility’. Our College values play an important role in shaping our behaviour expectations within and outside the classroom, as featured in the attached CCC Matrix of Expected Behaviours. We are excited to be continuing our Thursday Session 2 wellbeing program, focussed on the PERMAH pillars of Positive Education. We will be commencing with a focus on ‘Positive Accomplishment’, as we engage our students in reflecting on their Term 1 Achievement, effort and behaviour results and setting goals for the coming term. To support our wellbeing program, we will have National youth mental health organisation ‘Headspace’ conducting 1hr workshops with our Year 7 & 9 students between 3-5 May, with Year 8 later in the year. There will be a parent workshop on Tuesday 3 May. Stay tuned for more information to be sent out in Week 2.

At the parent teacher evening (10 May) there will be an opportunity to attend a short Junior Secondary presentation & meet / greet  session. This will be run a few times throughout the evening, with timings to be communicated in advance.


Students in Junior Secondary have been issued new timetables. This is particularly important for changes in our Arts & Design subjects, across the 10 day timetable.


Lastly, planning has commenced for the Year 8 camp which will be held 21-23 November. Information will be going home in the coming weeks.


Year 7 & 9 NAPLAN & Secondary School BYOD (Bring your own device)

Our NAPLAN practice took place this week and was a success. There were a few technical issues but it was great that these happened in the practice, so we can address them. NAPLAN will be conducted in Year 7 & 9 during Sessions 1 & 2 on 11 & 12 May. Preparing for NAPLAN has highlighted an issue with some students not having devices at school. CCC has a BYOD policy in Secondary School and laptops are an important resource in our blended approach to teaching and learning. Not having a device can sometimes mean that students are unable to fully or independently participate in some learning activities. Our College resource scheme includes access to digital text books and Ed Perfect. If students don’t have a device, they are also not able to access these resources, which are being paid for by families.



Junior Secondary Signature Initiatives

We are continuing to develop our Year 8 Honours program in Term 2. Our Honours program provides the opportunity for our Year 8 students to develop their ability and talent with likeminded students in selected disciplines areas. While students take a deeper dive into these areas, they develop their understanding and use of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Program (MYP) Approaches to Learning (ATLs)- Research, Social, Thinking, Communication and Self-Management skills. Talk with your child about what they have been working on.


As an IB MYP (Middle Years Program) candidate school we continue to engage our students in key elements of the program. The MYP Community Project has been introduced to our Year 7 & 9 students this term in their Wednesday Session 3 (if they are not already involved in Wolves or the College Musical). The Community Project is an opportunity for students to collaboratively develop their understanding and application of service learning and action. Service Learning relates to learning about a community in order to serve them to the best of our ability and action is learning by doing, learning through experience and taking principled action. We look forward to sharing more information about these projects once students have commenced their investigation and planning stages.



CCC Matrix of Expected Behaviours