University of Queensland Speech Pathology (SLP) Department working with CCC students

During Semester 1 this year, Calamvale Community College collaborated with the University of Queensland Speech Pathology (SLP) Department and was able to successfully run targeted and evidence-based programs to support children in Prep to Year 3. From Monday to Wednesday morning each week, it was common to see speech pathology students in their maroon shirts working with groups of engaged children around the Junior School.

In Prep, groups of six children worked with two university SP students to practice their oral narrative, vocabulary, phonological awareness and print awareness skills as a pre-learning opportunity for the Read it Again-FoundationQ program that was occurring in each Prep class. Year 1 students worked in groups of six children twice a week with four university SP students to narrow in on their oral narrative skills through the use of the Tell it AgainQ1! program. The Phonological Awareness for Literacy program was implemented in Year 3 with a selected number of children as an additional literacy learning opportunity that complimented the Sounds to Letters program that is used at Calamvale Community College.
All the university SP students expressed a high degree of learning and enjoyment following their practicum at Calamvale Community College with all of them recommending the school and clinic for future SP university students to attend. The children enjoyed working with the student SLPs and teachers reported a positive change in children’s abilities. Evidence collected via pre- and post- data collection supported the positive impact that the language and literacy programs had on children’s growth and learning.

An additional clinic will be running in Semester 2 with 18 different University of Queensland SLP students supporting more children from Calamvale Community College. As a way of acknowledging the involvement and dedication by the University of Queensland SLP students in Semester 1, Calamvale Community College invited the SLP students back to the College to enjoy a breakfast where Lisa Starmer, the College Executive Principal, presented each SLP student with a certificate of appreciation. Below is a photo of some of the SLP students who were at the College this semester as well as the other Department of Education and University of Queensland staff that were involved.