Titration Competition 2022

Congratulations! Titration competitors of Calamvale Community College. This year we have got the opportunity to take 18 students from year 10 and 11 chemistry classes to Griffith University (Nathan Campus) for this competition. Individually some of our students did exceptionally well in this competition.    The students who went for this competition are Navya, Kaylee , Drashti, Mia, Jackie, Leanne, Thryambika, Alyssa, Manya, Tony, Tracy, Max, Tariq, Sophiea, Zoe, Heera, Bhan, Bella-Anne.


Titration Competition Result 2022
Name Individual award
Kaylee  Distinction
Drashti  Distinction
Zoe  Distinction
Leanne  Credit
Tony  Credit
Heera  Credit