Thank you to our amazing Parents and Citizens


CCC would like to thank President Mrs Leesa Mason and her executive team and wonderful supporters for all their hard work last week. Weeks ago, we had lots of parents making gifts for the stall for Mothers’ Day, many thanks to each and every one of them as well and to all the people who assisted with resources and materials. Our P&C ran the Mothers’ Day stall for two days and then moved it to the oval for three days for three sports days – what an amazing effort! Our P&C have the ambition to air-condition our College and every gift contributed to that target. Thanks you to Mrs Mason and her wonderful team. We all hope you had a wonderful Mothers’ Day and enjoyed your CCC created gift!


Another round of applause….College Council Chair Mr Butler
Mr Mike Butler has been an unfailing proponent of the 10c bottle refund and it is he who collects your orange bags of bottles on the first Tuesday of every month at the Junior School student drop off zone. The money collected is also going towards College air-conditioning which is otherwise unfunded. We all wish we had enough funds to do have all of the requirements for our College. At present our bus is booked every day, saving us $450 minimum for the excursions – cheaper excursions and more flexibility for our classes. For our recycling scheme, thanks Mr and Mrs Butler for ensuring that we can collect as many bags as possible. 70 000 bottles is one air-conditioned classroom – it sounds like a lot but in three months we have almost got the first one.