Supporting Our Students Mastering English

At CCC we welcome international students of all ages. We recognise that the English language needs are very different, and we have a team of eight caring and experienced educators to support students to make the progress they need to be successful in all subjects.

Making friends with their English-speaking  class-mates, and engaging in regular lessons are all excellent ways of improving English through immersion. However, we also recognise the importance of students receiving dedicated English language lessons, where they learn vocabulary, grammatical structures and broader language skills.

On entry to the school, all students receive a language assessment to determine their level in each of the macro-skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing). Students are assigned a bandscale level (1-6) to ensure that they receive targeted support according to their specific needs.

In the Junior School (Prep to Year 6), students are withdrawn from their mainstream classes to receive very small group (8 max) English lessons. These lessons run 2-5 times a week, depending on the bandscale level. In Year 5 and Year 6, the aim of the lessons is to prepare students for entry into secondary school. Two afternoons a week, after school, we run a Support Club where EALD stduents can attend to receive additional support to complete homework. This is particularly beneficial where parents have limited English to help their children at home.

In the Junior Secondary School (Year 7 to Year 9), EALD students are allocated to a smaller class (max 20) and engage in lessons taught by specialist maths, science and English teachers who are also enthusiastic teachers of language. A teacher aide also supports students in these classes. These classes allow students to learn English language through the content of the subject. Lessons are challenging in content, but scaffolded in language use. Progress in bandscale levels are closely tracked, to ensure that students are prepared for Senior years. Two afternoons a week, after school, we offer additional assignment and homework support at EALD Club.

In the Senior School (Year 10-12), students are supported through their chosen pathway. International Baccalaureate offer lessons in Chinese A (first language) and English B (additional language). We also offer English as an Additional Language as an ATAR subject (university ranking), and we provide in-class support to students who choose Essential English as their pathway. We aso encourage stduents to study their mother tongue through Distance Education courses where possible. Senior EALD students can also take advantage of an array of tutorials and after school support.

Throughout their time at Calamvale Community College, our international students feel well supported in their English and they make very good progress. Ultimately, our aim is that students confidently and successfully access the curriculum, eventually without support needed.  We find our younger students learn English very quickly and within 2-3 years no longer need any additional help. This is very rewarding for us.

Tips to Improve English

Read books, comics and English websites

Watch TV programmes and movies with English subtitles turned on

Make friends with English-speaking class-mates – arrange play-dates and activities at the weekend

Older students should be encouraged to live with an Australian family

Listen to English-spoken music

Keep a notebook to write all new vocabulary you learn throughout the day – and then try and use the new words yourself as quickly as possible.