Spelling Bee S-u-c-c-e-ss!


Hoards of Upper Junior students used their spelling knowledge to nominate as contenders in the local Calamvale Central Spelling Bee. 16 of our top spellers made it through the school selection process. They took risks, set personal challenges and showed persistence and perseverance during practices. Throughout the semester, the teams from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 fine-tuned their expert spelling skills which culminated in the competition at Calamvale Central against a number of other local schools. Students were not only required to draw on their Sounds-Letters knowledge and spelling rules but also needed nerves of steel as they performed on stage in front of their public. Does this word sound right? Does it look right? Trying to visualise and apply rules as they heard the word to be spelled out loud…and all without being able to write the word down. Congratulations to the following students who made our Calamvale Teams:

Year 3 Team: Cameron S, Chloe Z, Kalvin C (Finalist and overall Y 3 Winner), Nikki M
Year 4 Team: Charlene C, Harsh K (Finalist and overall 2nd place), Keifano H, Yada G
Year 5 Team: Calais L, Guransh Singh, Pranaam M, Rebin N (Finalist and overall 3rd place)
Year 6 Team: Dakota L, Hiro H, Jada B, Peter W (Finalist and overall 2nd place)


Year 3 student Kalvin C, placed first, ‘I had so much fun! It was tricky and I felt a bit nervous but was super happy to get first place. I feel so proud!’ Kalvin won $250 for himself and $1000 cash for the school. Kalvin even gave the Spelling Bee host tips, telling him all about the ‘Short Vowel Effect’ spelling rule.

Thank you all families and staff who supported and cheered on our students.