Recently we launched the new look sport where students trialled and were selected for the Calamvale Wolves Senior and Junior Varsity teams. The four core sports of our sport program focus on Basketball, Netball, Touch Football and Volleyball. Recently we celebrated the success of our Senior Varsity Volleyball team who competed at the Queensland Schools Cup Volleyball competition. We look forward to tracking and celebrating further success of our sports stars in the future.

Upcoming Events include the following:

VQ Intermediate Cup Boys and Girls (9/10 combined)

All-Hallows Touch Football Tournament (13, 15, Open Girls)
All-Hallows Netball Tournament (13, 15, Open Girls)

CBSQ Open Basketball Tournament Boys (Open)

CBSQ Junior Secondary Basketball Tournament Boys and Girls (15’s)

CBSQ Open Basketball vs. Woodridge SHS Lead In match

CCCVolleyballvs. B.C.C Volleyball Boys and Girls (CCC 11 Boys vs. BCC 11 Boys, CCC 10 Boys vs. BCC 10 Boys, CCC 8 Boys vs. BCC 8 Boys, CCC 9 Girls vs. BCC 8 Girls)


Basketball Celebration

With new ‘new era’ of sport well under way we are already seeing individual success stories emerging. A number of Basketball squad athletes have successfully trialled for and been selected to represent the 13- 15 years Southern Scorpions at the Metropolitan West trials.

We are very proud our athletes and their commitment to their development.Congratulations; Franczesca Balbarais, Reatha Morrell, Pania-Maria Haereiti, Thalia Janson, Jordan Anthony, Zeke Byrne, Tyrese Letalu, J Ventura, Taine Haereiti, Jafe Ogabang and Raymond Malanum