Secondary School updates and reminders

We are now several weeks back from online learning and it is timely to remind students and parents our College expectations and inform you of some changes that have occurred due to the ongoing relaxation of restrictions.

Student time management: In week 6, assessment planners were emailed to parents and students. Please work with your student to assist them to use this planner to manage their time to ensure they stay on track to submit assignments and study for exams for each of their subjects.  During Connect time (Tuesday Lesson 2) over the past two weeks, students have been learning about study skills and tips to better prepare for their assessments. Please note that the results that students achieve in subject in year 9-11 will be used as pre-requisites for entry (and continuation in) General subjects.

Student attendance and timeliness:  The first bell rings at 8.25am.  Students are expected to be at their class door by 8.30am at the latest. Be aware that traffic is not an excuse for being late.  All students are expected to be in the College on time to their first lesson of the day.  Please be aware that after 9.00am each morning, students must enter via the front gate near administration. All other gates will be locked. This is to ensure the safety of the student community and to limit community members from entering the school grounds during learning time.

Students entering and leaving the school grounds: Thank you to all of our students who have quickly adjusted to the new process of entering and leaving through the senior and back gates. Thank you also to the parents who have adapted to our pick up routine in the afternoons. We remind you that students can wait to be picked up by parents at the top basketball courts. Parents can drive up the gravel road to collect students from here and then head straight onto the access road near Beaudesert Road.

Uniform: The weather has started to become cooler, and all secondary students are reminded that they are expected to wear their ties and all students are only permitted to wear school jumpers (College branded jumpers, or plain navy with no hoods or branding). A reminder that tracksuit pants are not a permitted part of our uniform. Please ensure that your student is equipped with all items of our uniform and that they leave home each day in full correct uniform. Dress Code  If students are out of uniform they will not be permitted to enter the classroom and will be directed to the Uniform Loan Room.  Students will be required to change out of their incorrect item and into a school loan item. This uniform loan room is able to be opened due to the new relaxation in COVID requirements.  A number of procedures have been implemented to ensure the uniforms adhere to the current health advice.

Students collecting uniform items

  1. Students attend Uniform room if they are out of uniform. Uniform Attendant to interview and issue slip. Uniform Attendant to wear gloves prior to students entering the room.
  2. Students to use hand sanitiser as they enter the room. Students are to be issued with uniform piece and an antibacterial plastic bag (new bags will be used each day for each student).  Students place their piece of clothing in the plastic bag.  Uniform Attendant will tag bag.  Student exits room.
  3. Uniform Attendant to remove gloves, wash hands and use sanitiser.

Students returning uniform items

  1. Uniform Attendant to wear gloves prior to students entering the room.
  2. Students are to use hand sanitiser upon entering.
  3. Students are to enter change rooms with antibacterial plastic bag containing their original clothing item. Students place used uniform item in tub as they exit and place plastic bag in the bin.
  4. Items of returned uniform are to be washed. Shoes are to be disinfected and be reissued the following day.
  5. Uniform Attendant to remove gloves, wash hands and use sanitiser.