Secondary School News

It has been a fabulous term 3. With COVID plans in place we have been able to create, deliver and connect with our students, teachers and our wider community. Many thanks to our English teaching team for delivering a sensational Literature Festival and to our Science teachers for a scintillating week of Science during last weeks ‘National Science Week’. This week I was thrilled to attend the first performance of Romeo and Juliet performed by our committed students. This talented group of artists have been working hard all year to prepare, and have battled against COVID restrictions to be able to perform. The Arts are alive and well at Calamvale and our talented students never cease to amaze me. All of these events allowed students to immerse themselves in their passion and revel in their favourite subjects.
Last week our current Academic Program of Excellence (APEX) students mentored the incoming 2021 cohort through an afternoon of challenge and bonding. It was delightful to see the leadership and enthusiasm displayed by all.


We were pleased to be able to connect with our parents and caregivers at Student Led Conferencing in Week 6. Thank you to those families who came along to hear your student’s reflections on their learning journey so far and their actions for the future. Also during week 6, our Year 11 students had their first experience with Mock Exams. We would like to congratulate them on the maturity they displayed with the autonomy that is granted during an exam block.

Finally, I was elated to attend the Year 12 Formal in week 5. The students presented themselves beautifully and immersed themselves in the evening. I am certain the night steeled their reserve to dig deep and finish their high school education strongly. Currently our year 12 students are in their final Mock exam period. In Week 10, they will return to us, ready to reflect on their exam results and put study plans in place in readiness for their official External Exam block which will begin in Week 4 of Term 4. It has been a pleasure to work with this year 12 cohort and I look forward to celebrating their success at the end of their journey at their graduation on Friday 20 November.