Secondary Principal on CCC Core Values


My mission as the Head of Secondary School is to develop curious, creative and clever internationally minded citizens who are respectful, responsible, resilient and show initiative. These core values are important to shape our students to thrive and contribute positively to this changing world. It is imperative that we work in partnership with our families to deliver consistent messages to our students so that they can make informed positive choices to display our schools core values now and into the future. Students participate in positive education lessons each fortnight which gives them time to focus on these core values.

RESPECT: At CCC we expect our students to not just tolerate each other, but to respectfully listen to other peoples perspectives so that their opinions can be shaped and challenged through their interactions with teachers, students and community members. We want our students to be proud to be a part of our College and to respect our College brand by wearing their uniform with pride at all times. Our students ability to develop respectful relationships will allow them to contribute to the interconnected, multicultural society they will live in once they graduate from our school. We are fortunate to be a diverse, multicultural College where students are given the opportunities to learn other perspectives and demonstrate and develop this core value of respect both within our college and beyond our gates.

RESPONSIBILITY: At CCC we expect or students to develop their organisational skills and time management so that they can take responsibility for their ongoing learning. The attribute of all 3 of our OP 1 students from 2018, was their exceptional time management skills. Students are taught the skills of responsibility and are given the tools, such as the school organiser, assessment schedules and personal learning plans so that they can reflect on and plan for improvement. All students are to wear full uniform every day. As Head of Secondary School, I have a deep connection to the concept of ‘team’ of which I hope to instil in all students. A uniform is the visual representation of a team and consequently I want every student to be a committed member of the CCC team. A student’s commitment to this team can be demonstrated by wearing the full and complete uniform every day. Most jobs, post school, will require employees to wear a uniform. At CCC we are committed to setting students up for success once they finish school. Please ensure that your student is in full school uniform every day.

INITIATIVE: In this fast paced, changing world, for students to thrive, they must choose to be a part of the solution, rather than part of the problem. Students at CCC are encouraged to be able to adapt to a changing need and find alternative ways to managing themselves and their environment. One of the ways that we are assisting students to take initiative is through the pedagogy by which we teach. At Calamvale we use Inquiry pedagogy. By using this pedagogy, students are given the opportunity every day to take the initiative in their learning, to find out more about a topic or subject. During my time at Calamvale, I have been delighted to see students take the initiative to help each other, teachers and community members. Recently, our students have been given the opportunity to work with a group called High Resolves, who are providing a space for students to develop solutions to real work problems.

RESILIENCE: The only thing certain in this world, is that nothing stays the same, we are constantly changing and to thrive we must adapt. Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Throughout their lives, students will have many difficulties and their ability to develop skills to self-regulate, to take care of their mental and physical well-being, and to recognise when they must seek out assistance, are imperative skills to ensure that students will thrive throughout school and beyond. At CCC, we use Positive Education to build students skills to be resilient and to take personal responsibility for their positive accomplishments, emotions, health, purpose, engagement, and relationships. We also have a passionate support services team that is made up of two guidance officers, a youth support coordinator, a nurse, speech pathologist and chaplain for students to access when necessary.
I look forward to continuing to work in partnership with our families to shape our students into citizens that will thrive when they leave our College.