Science Week

During National Science Week 2020, the Science Department ran Trivia Questions daily at breaks, based on a variety of different topics, one being the “The Science of Love”. Students who partook in the trivia, enjoyed the different and amusing questions that were posed and loved learning about Science outside the classroom. There were many who had a newly founded interest in Science and discovered a knack for trivia too. Year 11 Science Ambassador’s also had various activities during the breaks. For the taster day Year 5s also observed a few chemical reactions and created “rainbow in a beaker”. They applied knowledge on density to create different coloured layers. Great resilience and group work demonstrated where students were not afraid to make mistakes and start over from the beginning. “Science is all about finding out and it is ok to make mistakes” said by a wise year 5

Heart dissection by year 9 students


Year 10 Biology students collecting primary data to investigate the process that underpins the plant growth. Students used variety of equipment and techniques in collecting the data
Year 5 students visiting senior school, students very curious about the reactions and understanding physical and chemical changes. Lots of questions such as why there is a colour change? Why did it change from powder to foam? Why is it going up? Etc etc