Robotics Competition

On Saturday 8 June,  22 students from Year 3, 5, 7, and 8 participated in the Sunshine Coast Robotics Competition, leaving the College at 6:45am and returning at 5pm.

71 teams participated in the Junior division (Year 4-7) in which 6 of our teams including our Year 3 teams competed in.

Every one of our students were fully committed to their own team and the school as a team by supporting each other to problem solve and give words of encouragement when resilience felt low, we are very proud of all your efforts!!

Robo Boys AKA: Harry, Linus, Charles (and Riley who wasn’t at the competition but attended and helped at all the  preparation meets) did exceptionally well for their first competition and placed 12 out of 71 teams which gave them a battle in the final rounds.

Please congratulate these students if you see them around:

Robo Boys – Harry L, Linus K, Charles Y, Riley P (Year 3)

The Destroyers – Blaire H, Niyati P (Year 3)

Fire Rhinos – Brendan S, Lachlan F, Jackson H, Aiden H (Year 5)

Banana Boys – Jake J, Nikunj P, Nishant S, Noah B, (Year 7)

Thanoscar – Noah S, Ian C (Year 7)

Jimmy – Riley B, Josh J, Luke C (Year 7)

Mr Chicken – Taylor J, Beatrix M, Astrid M, Ben G (Year 7/8)