QLD Hanzi Reading Aloud Competition


Earlier this month, fifty students from Prep to Year 12 competed in the Reading Aloud Competition, an annual contest featured in the 2018 Queensland Hanzi Character and Cultural Festival.
The term Hanzi denotes the traditional Chinese characters which comprise one of the oldest and most prolific writing systems in the world. Mastering Hanzi requires an appreciation for its intricacy and beauty, as well as a wider understanding of Chinese culture, traditions, and forms of expression.

This competition was held at the Queensland Taiwan Centre in Sunnybank and encouraged participation from both native and non-native Mandarin speakers from schools across Brisbane. All contestants were judged on their ability to correctly identify, pronounce, and intonate a range of Chinese characters.
These competitors not only showcased their language aptitude and proficiency; all students boosted their public speaking confidence and enthusiasm by performing in front of like-minded peers, staff members, and the wider community.
Junior School Deputy Principal Mandy Knudsen has commended all students and LOTE teachers on their competitive spirits: “Our students spoke confidently and well. The commitment of our staff and students is outstanding and has produced pleasing outcomes for all who participated.”
Our participating students were awarded certificates acknowledging their efforts, skills, and dedication to their learning Chinese language and culture. From the Chinese Immersion Program through to the IB Chinese Ab Initio and Literature courses, the College is committed to building the international mobility, sensitivity, and mindedness of all students.