Professional Visits 2019

The college hosted Principals, teachers and other education professionals from the International Exchange Association for Education & Culture (China), Hong Kong Baptist University (Hong Kong), Korea Education Development Institute (South Korea), New Taipei City Yuteh Private School (Taiwan), Longquanyi District Education Board (China), Kalorex Schools (India), Ministry of Education (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and Ping Tung High School (Taiwan).

Education sessions were delivered on the Queensland Curriculum, National Curriculum, Programs for Gifted Students, Programs for Dis-advantaged Students, International Programs, English Language Support for International Students, Building an Effective Teaching Team, School Leadership for P – 12 Schools, Primary Year Program, International Baccalaureate Program and Teacher Collaboration.

Other programs provided included work-shadowing of the Executive team, work-shadowing / collaboration of the teaching team, classroom observations (both sub-schools) and campus tours of facilities and showcasing areas of excellence.