Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Calamvale Community College, a P-12 College providing thirteen years of education for your child on a single campus within a supportive framework of high expectation.  Our College prides itself in providing a wide range of learning opportunities across the academic, cultural and sporting fields to provide your child with rich and rewarding learning experiences that will lead and support them as they grow from child into adulthood.

A P-12 College provides a unique opportunity for students to grow through their childhood and adolescent years within the nurturing environment of a single community.  The stability and familiarity of that community allows the development of a culture of ‘high challenge’ in learning.  We know that high achievement occurs when there is high expectation.  We also know that children and adolescents need confidence to accept the challenges that are presented – our community enables both the high expectation and the confidence to accept the challenge and achieve to their greatest potential.

Our College has welcomed 90 International students and is set an culturally diverse community speaking 106 languages.  Our programs support a broad range of bilingual students, some of whom are acquiring their third language.  Diversity is celebrated and encouraged and our students through their travel, interactions and language have become world citizens.

Positioning our College as an International Baccalaureate World School offering Primary Years Program (PYP), Diploma for Years 11 and 12 and about to begin candidacy for the Middle Years Program in 2020 has been a deliberate and strategic decision on the part of the College Council.

The PYP captivates our youngest learners investing in their curiosity and giving them opportunities for self-direction and self-regulation, underpinned by the principles of the Learner Profile.  Students work collaboratively with their teachers and each other learning the inter-relationships within the curriculum which enables students to follow their curiosity and discover and experience their learning.

The Diploma Program has provided a unique opportunity in Queensland schools to study literature in students’ mothertongue as well as using an international certified examination process to provide direct access to universities across the world.  The demanding entry process for Diploma, the academic rigour and the balance provided by the student-centred, action-focused learning combine to produce an outstanding education to meet the diverse needs of a uniquely positioned community.  Our students graduate as the young leaders for our world:  collaborative, responsive, resilient, curious, creative and clever.

Our College’s Foundation Motto is ‘building on success’ and from that first letter scribed or that first friendship made on the playground, through to the satisfaction of mastering complex problems or conquering a fear and performing on stage to achieving a personal best on the track; we will be there to encourage and celebrate your child.

Building success is based on our values of respect, responsibility, resilience and initiative; all that we do and expect is inherent in these values.  Our community comprises students, parents, extended families, affiliated associations and businesses, all of whom take their responsibility to educate our young people very seriously; we are in partnership as we take this journey through to Year 12 graduation and all the possibilities of what lies beyond.

I am honoured to be College Principal of an institution that provides an individual learning journey for each and every one of our 2200 students.  Our College organisation defies the anonymity that new parents might expect within such a large student population; I can assure you that every student is known and planned for within the learning communities of the Junior School or the Houses of the Secondary School.  As a parent with a question about a student, there is a school community leader who is the single point of contact ensuring accessibility when there is a query and that the communication channel is strong.

I invite you to browse through this journal to discover all that is on offer when you join the Calamvale Community and look forward to providing your child with every opportunity to fulfil their potential at CCC.


Lisa Starmer

Executive Principal