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As semester 2 begins, we are delighted to announce that Calamvale Community College has received candidacy for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Program (MYP).  This means that we are on our way to completing the IB full circle across Prep to 12.  Ruth Smith, Coordinator of the MYP will be writing in each of our newsletters with information about the MYP program.  In short, MYP extends the inquiry-based learning of the Primary Years Program that CCC has in Prep to Year 6 and continues to develop our students’ capability across the next phase of learning.

CCC plans to seek authorisation for the MYP at the end of 2023, at which time we will become a P-12 International Baccalaureate World School.  Please see the further article in this newsletter explaining more about MYP at CCC.

MYP Middle Years Programme video



Welcome to our new Heads of Programs

Larissa Solah Head of Program Languages P-12

Welcome to Larissa who comes to Calamvale from Mansfield SHS.  Larissa has a long history in language acquisition and is very keen to expand our languages program and intensify the support provided to our language acquisition program.  We have a very vibrant languages program at CCC led by a very experienced and diverse staff.  I acknowledge the work of Louise Brown and then Alex Chen for term 2, both of whom followed Sarah Thomas in the leadership role.  Languages is an area of great excitement and development in as we work towards full participation as an IB World School.


Ben Harvey Head of Program Innovations P-12

Welcome to Ben who will be leading our Design team as we develop a signature program that focuses on entrepreneurship in design, digital solutions and robotics.  Ben comes to CCC from Gladstone SHS and has had extensive experience in working with both schools and industry and we are excited to welcome him to our team.

I would also like to acknowledge the work over the last ten years of Marie Moo, who has been the key facilitator of our BYOD program at the College has shepherded us to the point where we can begin to go to the next level.  Marie has worked across P-12 in that time and has developed the skills of both staff and students.  I join with our whole community in thanking Marie for her work and dedication to the College.


Celebrating Calamvale Community College’s 2021 School Review

Thank you to all of our parents who participated in the review, providing the visiting principal reviewers with your views and feedback. We are so proud of what our College has achieved and are grateful to our community for all of the support that has been given to us.
I want to acknowledge and celebrate our teachers, heads of programs, deputy principals and administration and support staff. We are a big team, but we are absolutely dedicated to the success of our curious, creative and clever students across Prep to Year 12. Thank you to the whole team for your commitment to ensuring that every student has the opportunities to achieve their potential.

I have included the infographic summary from the review team and also the executive summary of the report, which will be posted on our webpage.


EIB_Calamvale Community College_Executive Summary_2021


Like all schools public or private we continue our campaign “Saying NO to Bullying”. Since the adoption of the STYMIE reporting program, we have been able to respond much more effectively to students’ issues of bullying. This anonymous platform is monitored throughout the school day and responded to by the deputy principal of that year level.
Through STYMIE we have been able to respond to student’s calls for help as well as provide parents with valuable information in support of their children. STYMIE have now produced a QR code for students to access the site to make reports. Post COVID, everyone is familiar with QR codes and we are keen to share this with parents and students alike.

As is always the case, if you as a parent have a concern or a query and don’t know who to contact, you can send an email to This email is checked daily and someone will respond to you within 24 hours. Of course you can always ring the school and follow the prompts to the appropriate sub-school or service.