Principals News

I’m writing to thank you for your support of the College during this lockdown period.  It is quite difficult to coordinate a quick response in a very short timeframe whilst we also wait for the larger government organisation to make plans and communicate their response.  We could not do all of this without your support and we very much appreciate that.  It has been lovely to see so many of our parents coming back into the College this year; free to chat together and to meet with teachers at the classroom door.

Term 1 has been a really busy start to the year but it has been a calm start and we’re always happy about that.  Our students’ learning is maximised in a calm and curious environment where they feel safe and have learning as their focus. Unfortunately, this pandemic keeps ‘rearing its ugly head’ and we had to cancel our cross country and fun run which is a shame for the students.  Hopefully, Queensland has managed the situation well and term 2 will, at least, be back to our new normal.

Our senior students, both ATAR and IB have already engaged with some significant assessment.  Many of our certification students are well on track to an early completion of their course work.  Early results suggest that our students have really settled and are dedicated to their work which is demonstrated in improved grades that bode well for 2021 outcomes.

Our Junior Secondary students are enjoying their smaller classes and are really engaging with the inquiry process.  Junior School almost completed their face to face reporting before lockdown and I know parents were happy to hear how their students have settled into the 2021 school year.

Our Mobile Phone Policy across the College continues to be a struggle for some students, however the majority are able to keep their phones ‘off and away’.  With this policy in place, we have seen increased focus in class and a playground that is full of conversation and games being played.

We are looking forward to the launch of the Wolves’ new strip in term 2 and some new signage in the hall, heralding the Wolves’ competitive approach to all that they do.  This year the 48 km Kokoda Challenge is better than ever with more teams competing and each of them is better prepared than before.  We even have a 96km team participating led by Mr Male.  In the background, the rehearsals continue for CGEN and the CCC Musical; we wait in anticipation.

Best wishes for the holiday period, we hope that you have some relaxing and enjoyable times with your families, take care and stay safe.