Principal’s News

Term 3 and Covid-19 Restrictions

As we emerge from the most severe of the Covid-19 restrictions, some of our procedures will be reduced and others will have to remain in place. From July 10th much of the responsibility for the Covid-19 restrictions will rest with the College. Where we can provide the correct social distancing, we will run events for the students. The use of an RSVP process will underpin our management of the number of people at any event.

There is a new calendar up on the website and below are some of the highlights and the thinking behind the decision to run particular events:

Both athletics and cross country carnivals have been missed and there are no state level competitions. We are endeavouring to run a ‘competitors’ only event for students who train for these sports. This will provide event times for those students who require them for non-school ‘meets’ as well as an experience for our Year 12s for whom this is the last set of school carnivals.

Assemblies will return to the school calendar for both secondary and junior schools, but not for the whole college.

Awards nights, performances and exhibitions are postponed at this stage and will not occur in term 3. Where it is possible there will be virtual displays of art and live streamed or pre-recorded performances. The students will be able to attend performances as it is only the parents and staff for whom we have to provide social distance. If we are not able to host over 500 people for an event this year, we will seek to postpone the awards ceremonies to the beginning of 2021 unless there is another solution.

Parent-teacher interviews and student –led conferencing will be postponed and instead phone interviews will be held. Where appropriate meetings will be held using Microsoft Teams as a virtual facility.


Year 9 and Year 10 Senior Pathways parent information and SET planning nights will be held in the gym, with appropriate social distancing, which may feel a little sparse but we have the space and technology to do this. These will be advertised this week and held in weeks 1 and 2 of Term 3. There will be ATAR, Certificate and Diploma sessions as well as IB sessions using CPAC for the smaller group.

The Year 12 formal will go ahead on Thursday night August 13th, although Rydges is unable to host our senior cohort in a manner that will allow the students to enjoy the event, due to restrictions. CCC will subsidise the formal so that we may hold a very elegant event in the gym, which will be unrecognisable with wall screens, and props. This is a one-off for 2020 which has been a particularly difficult year for the seniors. Unfortunately, whilst there will be a photographer for the students and a photo booth, we cannot have family photos due to the crowding – so these should be arranged prior to arrival. We will have the car parade but no pre-formal event as we cannot use share plates, drinks or allow gathering of adults. Information will continue to be made available via email to Year 12 families.

Elsewhere in this newsletter is the publication of my letter to our local representatives regarding our on-going traffic problems. Due to the tight spaces around the Prep building and the confluences of paths around the Year 1 classrooms, we will continue the LookOut program for term 3. Parents will be welcome to park and queue for their students.