Principal’s News

What is the International Baccalaureate?
This is a frequently asked question and I am always happy to elaborate. For students in Years Prep to 6 and increasingly in years 7 to 9, International Baccalaureate is a way of learning. It incorporates our Australian Curriculum and gives it an international perspective. There is a focus on the Learner Profile as the most important characteristics of a learner.
IB Jigsaw Head picture
The other really important piece of the IB program is the action that happens at the end of the inquiry cycle and the learning phase. This is a response from the students which might be as large as a community project or personal a conscious change in personal perspective. Throughout this year, Ms Pamela Curtin has been with support from a small staff team, building our Global Competence Framework which will encompass this aspect of action-learning but also provide pathways for student leadership and to engage student voice. This will be launched in 2020, but here’s a snapshot.




Middle Years Program
Junior Secondary are loving the work they are doing in Inquiry and our teachers are embracing the opportunity to engage more directly with students. Our units of work are being launched with a provocation rather than a tile. A provocation is a question which seeks to inspire or interest the students in engaging with their next body of learning. So rather than approaching the work ‘cold’ we accessing the knowledge they already have and prompting them to question further, to indicate where their interests lie and to connect the new knowledge to areas of understanding that they already have. This is the process of the PYP in Junior School and we are slowly transitioning that through to our secondary learning styles.
Survey and feedback
My much promised survey of Junior Secondary parents will go out in the next week as well as the final round of student surveys in Years 7, 8 and 9. I look forward to hearing from you regarding your responses to our changes in the implementation of routines, Keys to Consistency, as well as shifts in learning styles and of course your general responses to school life in the adolescent years.

Diploma (Years 11 & 12)
Our IB seniors together with PYP students and others from across the College have revitalised “Dare to Ignite” – don’t miss it – it will be a wonderful showcase of our students’ learning.

More Growth in 2020 – more and more of our community are choosing CCC
Our College has had five years of constant growth in student numbers. The really exciting aspect of this is that, that growth has occurred inside the Calamvale Community Catchment, which means that our community is choosing our school as a school of choice. Thank you. Becoming a member of the Calamvale Community College community is a commitment to a global education with an international perspective on our world but it is also entering into a partnership between parents and families to achieve the best possible education for our students. Our International Baccalaureate programs, which address all aspects of the Australian Curriculum, and provides our students with the opportunity to grow in the Learner Profile, to understand how they learn and how to maximise their learning and achieve their best results; their personal best. Our students have achieved many personal bests this year. Please follow us on Facebook, read the newsletter and watch our information boards to track their success. We are very proud of your children, our students and very confident in their continued success. Thank you for your trust in us and your commitment to our ongoing partnership for our students.


Can and Bottle Collections
Once again a massive thank you to Mr Butler, College Council Chair for his, his families and our P&C commitment to the recycling program as a fundraiser for our school and an environmentally friendly way to dispose of our cans and bottles We had record contributions and it is an outstanding result. Thank you for the time taken to collect and deliver these to our school – more air-conditioning to come.


Congratulations and thank you P&C Junior Disco
What a wonderful Halloween Night it was! A great funding raising event for all the P&C’s hard work supporting our students. Thank you to the volunteers and our amazing Junior School staff team.

Over the course of the last few days our Junior Band, Senior Band and Jazz Band have all participated in the annual “Music Fest” Bands’ Competition. Each ensemble performed exceptionally well and achieved great results with complimentary comments from the adjudicators. Junior Band and Senior Band received Silver Awards for their performances……and today, Jazz Band took out the Gold Award!! Congratulations to these ensembles. It’s due to all their effort and hard work through-out the year. I feel very proud of them.


Strings at Music Fest 2019

 Thank-you for all your support during this huge performance term!

Our Music Fest results show the students’ hard work during the year.


Congratulations to Symphony Orchestra on their solid performance, receiving a Bronze Award, on Monday 21 October at Iona College!

Here are some of the adjudicator’s comments:

  • “some musical moments”
  • “there is good potential in this growing orchestra”


Congratulations to Crescendo on their strong performance at Coorparoo Secondary College on Thursday 24 October, receiving a Silver Award!

Here are some of the adjudicator’s comments:

  • Great energy, fantastic performance”
  • “Excellent stage presence and presentation”
  • “Well done, a solid and cohesive ensemble played with confidence”


CONGRATULATIONS to those students who performed in the Corelli Music Fest on Saturday 26 October at Coorparoo Secondary College. A GOLD AWARD!!

Here are some of the Adjudicator’s comments:


  • “Pieces were well prepared”
  • “Rhythm was secure”
  • “Very fine warm tone with Sword Dance showing fine dynamic variation”
  • A Platinum tick for Presentation!

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2019 Athlete Development Program. The team celebrated with a beautiful formal dinner where they were marked on their etiquette and dressed in formal attire. It was Athletes on the Red Carpet – and a credit to the whole ADP staff team.



CCA Breakfast and VET Awards
Congratulations Saige Amos – VET Student of the Year, Jayden Finch – Trainee of the Year & Reinnan Pomar – Outstanding Effort VET Award they took out the highest VET Awards which were presented at a Business Breakfast at Three Trees, two weeks ago. These students have achieved the highest standards in vocational education, they are industry ready and have very bright futures.