Principal News

Quite unbelievable that we are already at the completion of semester one.  Despite the lagging impacts of that unmentionable pandemic on our staff and students and considerable weather events which have impacted our facilities greatly, we have nonetheless much to celebrate this year so far.  There are quite a number of articles in this newsletter that celebrate our students’ achievements and College events.

Mothers’ Day Prep Maths High Tea was definitely a highlight for the Junior School, as were the parent tours of our Primary Years Programs as they sought to learn more about the way

our College engages our students’ curiosity and develops their learning.

Our Student Union have orchestrated some amazing P-12 events for our students as we slowly return to those whole College experiences.  The Leadership Camp in May was a highlight as students across the Junior


School, Junior Secondary and Senior worked together to build relationships and set a strategic plan for their work this year.  With only a term to go of their tenure, the Seniors returned from camp and delivered six weeks of Spirit Days P-12 (photos in the newsletter) and a Year 7/12 Swimming Carnival held in the balmy conditions of the indoor Chandler Pool enjoying 26-degree swimming conditions.  The highlight of the day was the floatation race as dragons, unicorns and other mythical animals splashing down the lanes bearing loads of cheering year 7s and 12s.  As we enter our nomination period for Year 11s to assume these roles, we look back and are very grateful for and impressed with the efforts of our senior leaders.  Our Junior Secondary and Junior School leaders will join with the newly elected seniors to continue responding to student voice.


Last night, our instrumental music students performed for only the third time this year having achieved across the board SILVER at Fanfare.  Two concerts held the audiences captivated and we revelled in the delight of our youngest strings players, through percussion, senior choir, older strings and electric strings, Senior and Junior bands and of course the wonderful solos and swing rhythm of the stage band.  Special mention has to go to Taylah Anthony who delivered on her dream of a show choir – performing with the stage band – what a night!

So many academic events have highlighted our students’ significant capability, including Basel Fayoumi’s efforts with the Medus team and Dr Ali to provide support for students who are preparing for UCAT examinations. Junior Secondary APEX students’ participation in the Da’Vinci competition and J-Elle Hillery-Shaw’s success in studying Biology at Cambridge University for the next four weeks.  Even the online participation in NAPLAN this year, was an easy and student friendly experience that supported our students demonstrating their achievements.


We do everything in our power to continue developing an inclusive and supportive culture at the College, and the introduction of VIVO points in secondary school, matching the “That’s Gold” program in Junior School is just another example.  Students’ engagement with their learning, respect for school and each other is acknowledged and rewarded with points that can be traded for prizes or participation in a ‘fun day’ in the Junior School.

Most of our staff have studied the practices of Universal Design for Learning, with the last 50 to attend professional learning in term 3.  The focus of this work is to ensure inclusion across our classrooms from verified disability to learning diversity that makes accommodation to ADHD, ADD and dyslexia to name a few challenges that some of our students encounter.  More generally staff have participated in a range of professional learnings delivered by their peers across pedagogy and learning strategies to support students’ success.

However, we are still struggling to address the issues of mobile phones in our College and the disruption to learning that they cause.  Students’ refusal to put their phones ‘off and away’ when asked, then to place their phones in a locker or provide their names is causing considerable disruption to our learning programs and students’ lunchtime engagement.  We will be emailing a revised policy to you in the next two days and we are happy for your feedback as we share the reviewed policy with staff and students as well.  In its simplest form, students in secondary school who refuse to turn off their phone and put it away will be given an option to place it in a locker or they will receive a one-day suspension.  Refusal to give their name will result in a further day’s suspension.  Student compliance with the mobile phone policy is a critical aspect of their engagement in all that College life has to offer.  We look forward to your feedback using the College email over the next two weeks Please wait for the email to send your feedback, it will have a little more detail.

We hope that you all enjoy your holidays with the students and have a healthy and relaxing time with family.  Best wishes for safe travels if you are away over the holidays.

See you next term,