Positive Education at Calamvale Community College

Calamvale Community College’s wellbeing framework is based on positive psychology. Positive Education is the application of positive psychology in an educational setting. It is a framework that is based on the science of wellbeing and the strategies people can apply in their lives to experience a flourishing existence.

Character Strengths

It has probably been a while since you completed the VIA character strengths survey. Maybe some significant events have happened in your life since you last completed it. Please go to the following website to re-do the VIA Character Strengths survey. If you have not completed the survey previously sign-up to complete the free version.

https://www.viacharacter.org/Survey/Account/Register (use the live link above or type this URL into your browser)


Keep your eye out for more about Positive Education at CCC in upcoming newsletters.

Nerieda Anderson
Calamvale Community College
Developmental Guidance Officer, Psychologist