Pathways 2021 and Beyond

This process is in full swing as we speak. Students in Year 9 are selecting their pathways for their senior years and students in Year 10 are preparing to review their achievements this year before confirming their pathways for Year 11.

We have returned to a pre-requisite based process, in an effort to curb the number of subject changes that students in years 10 and 11 are making due to underperformance in academics. This year, with limited ability to meet with parents, students are selecting pathways rather than subjects with a heavy emphasis on required pre-requisites for career choices and evidence-based decision-making using students’ own academic results.

The College is promoting the Diploma of Business as a guaranteed pathway into a range of tertiary course for those students who are not achieving grades sufficient to pass the external exam component of ATAR. The Diploma will require a B grade in Year 10 English and will enable students to study two other General (ATAR) subjects whilst remaining ATAR ineligible with a pathway to a tertiary course.

Students seeking employment will have five Certificate 3 course from which to select and the opportunity to couple this with 5 Applied subjects. The new alternate pathway GOYA Day every Thursday for Years 11 and 12 will further support these students as they develop a portfolio to fast-track their employment options.
I encourage you to speak with your Year 9 and 10 students about their pathways, rather than specific subjects and ensure that you have sufficient information to support their choices. Please access the Pathways Book on the website HERE and contact a Guidance Officer or Deputy Principal for any further advice required.