“Off and Away” Mobile Phone Policy

Since term 4 2020, Calamvale Community College has had an “Off and Away” mobile phone policy. Contrary to some community opinions, this was not a result of fighting or videoing of fighting. In fact parents whose children has been involved in physical incidents complain about the impetus that a video creates.
Our staff have noticed a marked increase in focus and attention without mobile phones in class. Our deputy principals have noticed a marked decrease in playground harassment without mobile phones in the grounds during school time.
The College has invested in 100 mobile phone lockers for student use, located in the Uniform Swap Room. We have also invested in $70 000 iPads for use in HPE and the Arts where mobile phones have been a valuable resource in Junior Secondary classes. Unfortunately due to shipping delays, these are not yet onsite. Seniors (Years 10-12) are able to use mobile phones in class with teacher permission for specified lessons
Speakers, headphones, air pods and Apple watches are all included in the “Off and Away” policy and our playgrounds are no longer filled with inappropriate lyrics from music played loudly in common areas. There has been an uptake of sporting games at lunch, there are increasing numbers of lunch activities being offered by both staff and students to ensure that our students are occupied without their phones.
Of course students with medical issues requiring phone access have an exemption with written permission, as have students paying with Applepay and the like at finance and canteen.

Please support the College in keeping your students focused on learning and reducing the bullying and harassment that social media brings. STYMIE continues to be a valid way for students to anonymously report bullying or harassment wherever it occurs on campus: www.stymie.com.au