Ni Hao, Konnichiwa, Annyunghaseyo, Sawasdee, Namaste, Selamat Pagi, Hello!

I extend a warm welcome to the readers of the first International Journal from Calamvale Community College. The journal provides you with an introduction to the global nature of the College as it continues to embark on an international focus.
Over the last three years, Calamvale Community College has markedly increased the breadth and depth of its international scope and connections. In 2015, Calamvale welcomed a small contingent of six international students and conducted only a handful of study tours. From this modest platform, we took a sizeable leap into our first sister school agreement, which was forged with Kaohsiung Municipal Girls Senior High School in Taiwan.
Since then, the College has moved from strength to strength – each year we extend our international commitment and seize global opportunities for our students across all year and subject levels. In 2018, our school campus was home to more than 75 long-term international students from Years 1 to 12. Our Senior students are afforded the option to homestay with a host Australian family for the duration of their studies, which is often two to four years in duration.
Not only have we witnessed a marked increase in the number of international students, but also their respective countries of origin. Our students hail from across the globe, including China, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. These students complement and enrich our thriving multicultural school and enliven our campus.
We have also forged new and mutually beneficial sister school arrangements with institutions in Japan and China. We also maintain ratified friendships with schools in Korea and Taiwan.
The College’s involvement and engagement with the international community is multifaceted and diverse. We now pursue global connections in innovative and collaborative ways. Professional visits from international teachers, principals and educational boards allow us to develop productive relationships and demonstrate the robustness of our curriculum and pedagogy.
We now host 8 to 10 inbound study tours a year, as well as visits from our Sister Schools from China and Taiwan. These study tours expose our students to the vibrancy and joys of diverse and dissimilar cultures, and allows visiting students to become immersed in the Australian way of life.
The College regularly hosts events of an international flavour, including arts festivals and workshops, music and dance performances, and diplomatic functions. Not only do our students benefit from partaking in cultural observances, but they gain industry experience and increase their sensitivity to global issues. Our students have also benefited from our successful foray into global collaborative classrooms with schools across Asia, with live participation in cooking classes, humanities lessons, and cultural sessions.
The College looks forward to extending its international presence and welcomes you to be part of this exhilarating journey.