Nature Play Grand Opening

In years gone by, children could been seen playing outdoors, making mud pies, building forts with sticks and branches, hiding in the bushes and all sorts of imaginative games with the natural materials around us. In 2020, Calamvale Community College went back to nature, opening various gardens in the Junior School to allow this generation to connect and explore in NATURE PLAY. In the beginning it was simple and organic. Rather than telling students to “Stay out of the garden” and “Put that stick down”, student were encouraged to open their imagination and play in nature. Supported by their teachers to play safely, students collaboratively explored, built, crawled, played and dug their way around CCC gardens. These early connections to the natural world will undoubtedly have long term positive impacts on their connections to the environment in later years.

The passion and excitement for Nature Play grew. A new and exciting Nature Play area was developed and constructed. Mr Bear set curiosity alight in the Junior School as he began his work turning a once sparse and unused area in to a Nature Play delight. Every day, students could be seen in this space working together to create, build and play whatever they imagine. CCC students are certainly creative, curious and clever and Nature Play gives them a space to be all of this and more.