Moon Festival

Calamvale Community College capped off Term 3 with a fabulous celebration of the Chinese Moon Festival, an important cultural celebration of familial and community bonds. The roundness, completeness, and brightness of the full moon symbolises reunion and rejuvenation. This Festival was perfectly timed, as our College community came together one last time before breaking for the school holidays.


About 300 students and families gathered together to partake in the Moon Festival. Our College Chinese teachers organised a variety of cultural activities including calligraphy sessions, lantern construction, Chinese poem recitations, jade rabbit and lion head papercrafts, a Tangram puzzle competition, a photo booth, and moon-gazing through a telescope. Students and families also tasted the traditional moon cake and enjoyed a BBQ Panda Picnic.



This fun-filled and harmonious cultural observance was made extra special by our community volunteers who invested both their time and expertise to aid the learning of Chinese culture.

Parent helpers organised three high-quality telescopes for moon watching. While observing the contour of moon with their naked eyes, students imagined the Moon Lady and the Jade Rabbit. With telescopes, the true colour of the moon was also unveiled with modern science to our Festival goers.


The AusOriental Inc. Orchestra, a local Chinese music group, also performed to a delighted audience with classical Chinese instruments, such as the erhu. These orchestral performances were accompanied by Beijing Opera and Chinese folk dances. Such high-quality performances throughout the night brought an authentic atmosphere and experience of Chinese culture to all.