Mobile Phone Policy

At various meetings held in Term 3, we will be consulting with parents and students about our existing BYOD and mobile phone policies.

Whilst most of our students have access to a digital devices, some do not. Since the weeks of learning@home during the Covid-19 pandemic, we have found more flexible ways to learn using our digital devices. Whilst computers are not essential to learning, they are very useful devices and our students have significantly developed their capacity to use these, as have all staff. The College has a proposal to support families in accessing digital devices for learning in 2021. This will involve a payment made over three years for the use of the device and more details will be provided in Term 3.

Our P&C have brought to the College Administration’s attention, issues regarding mobile phones. From the College’s perspectives phones can be a very useful device, with a calculator, web access and a range of apps that are useful to students. The same device circumvents Education Queensland’s filtering services, making social media accessible to students throughout the day. Phones also provide easy access to videos, music and photos which are frequently air-dropped to large numbers of students in the immediate vicinity, which is not desirable.

We are open to a community discussion and development of mobile phone policy that will provide the basis of the College response to issues arising from mobile phone use.