Message from the Principal


Welcome back and ANZAC Memorial Assembly

Welcome back to school for Term 2.  We have had a busy first ‘short’ week, as I’m sure you are aware.  Today was the first full-scale ANZAC Day memorial service that we have been able to have in almost three years.  Our students were beautifully respectful and listened to messages of peace, harmony, comradeship, support and courage.  We welcomed Minister Enoch, our local state member although unfortunately Dr Chalmers was an apology due to covid-testing.  Calamvale Ward was represented as were our community and College groups together with Airforce Cadets 214 SQN who formed the catafalque party and Corporal Helerm from the Engineers who shared an understanding of this commemoration with students.



Student devices helped meet staffing challenges

There are a number of issues of which I need to ensure you are well informed.  Current Covid isolation and quarantine requirements have been a significant challenge for staffing at CCC in the last term.  This has resulted in multiple secondary classes being collapsed each lesson in the day and being supervised by deputy principals.  It is not the same classes every day and we try to avoid this whenever possible.  However, we are a BYOD school and student device audits have shown us that only 50 students in secondary school do not have a device.  Our teachers have been amazing, preparing work whilst in ‘isolation’ and ensuring that One Note is up to date.  If every student who has a device, brought it to school, every day; there would be minimal disruption to learning and we could cater for the 50 students without devices.  Could I please encourage you to ensure that your students bring a fully charged device to school every day.  This fairly simple action would ensure that there was only minimal disruption to a students’ programs of learning.  In terms of security, the lockers we have at school are not fully used, only a key and padlock is required to access them.

At 6pm on Thursday 28th there will no longer be mandatory quarantine for close contacts and staffing challenges should begin to subside.