Making artistic waves

Our Art students have been making waves with two arts exhibitions and excursions to kick off the term.

On 12 October, our Year 10, 11, 12 Visual Art and Year 10 IB Art Students went to the Queensland Art Gallery to marvel at a number of captivating exhibitions which spotlight the Queensland experience from the region’s own perspective.

The featured Robert MacPherson ‘Boss Drovers’ exhibition displayed an exhaustive catalogue – comprising 2400 individual drawings – of boss drovers, rugged individuals responsible for moving thousands of livestock and workers across the great pastoral routes of Australia.

Walking through the Indigenous Australian Art Collection, our students gained an appreciation for the works of Namatjira, arguably Australia’s best-known Aboriginal artist, and the artistic homages he inspired.

Moving from a state perspective to a more local one, our students also visited the Logan Art Gallery to marvel at the creative talents of some of their own at the 2018 Artwaves exhibition. Artwaves is an annual art exhibition of work sourced from the creative and talented high school students in the Logan region. Artwaves aims to demonstrate the wealth of imagination and creativity present in the City of Logan and adjacent areas.


This year’s exhibition featured works from 12 of our students, as well as exemplary creations from other local schools. Accompanying our students was Secondary Arts teacher Ms April Gilbin, who commented, “our students loved seeing their work and their peers’ work exhibited – they were very proud.”


These students then participated in a workshop with Vikki Kindermann, Visual Art teacher. The room was set up with a range of still life objects to draw, which the students creatively reflected in their works using a range of art-making techniques and mediums. Finally, the group created a recycled book out of their drawings and experiments. This was an enjoyable and engaging experience for all involved.