Logan Art Gallery Exhibition

Creative Calamvale talent on exhibition

CALAMVALE, 27 JULY – Get ready for a feast for the eyes with an environmentally conscious flavour. A new Logan Art Gallery exhibition, set to open on 27 July, will feature the resourceful masterpieces of our creative Junior School Art Club students. This exhibition – crisply titled “The Birds” – will display bird sculptures made from up-cycled materials. Students drew inspiration from the positive impact of recycling and sustainable waste management on Australian birds and wildlife.
Former College Art teacher Gayle Kutuzov guided her students in designing and assembling colourful, creative, and thought-provoking sculptures. Students challenged their creative limits by designing around and experimenting with various materials, including recycled milk bottles, spray containers, old cardboard, and papier-mâché. Our junior artists brought their recycled birds to life with vibrant acrylic colours and lined pattern designs. In an attempt to capture the boundless diversity of bird species in Australia, each sculpted bird possesses different traits, physical features, and personalities.
Our students hope to inspire all visitors to appreciate the material items they use every day, and to re-imagine junk as tools for expressing creativity and craftsmanship. This exhibition aims to invoke reflection about the impact our actions have on the fragile brilliance of our natural surroundings and wildlife.
The College’s Art Club is co-ordinated by Ms April Giblin and Ms Claire Collins. Ms Giblin says that this exhibition celebrates the unmatched creativity of our College’s young artists: “Clair and I are very proud of the students – every morning they bring their positive attitudes and creative energy into the classroom. Their efforts have really shone through in their artworks; overall, they’re a great group of students that love being in the art room.”
Exhibitions at the Logan Art Gallery are open until 1 September, with free admission for all visitors.