Secondary Literature Festival – Writing Workshops

Wednesday 19th August and Thursday 20th August

This year’s Secondary Literature Festival explored the theme of “Curious Creatures, Wild Minds”, and our students definitely harnessed their imaginations throughout the day of Writing Workshops. Lead by our passionate and creative English teachers, the students attended four different workshops exploring four unique ways to create narratives.

Miss Lucardie asked students to use personal objects and plasticine to shape abstract settings to create unique descriptions.  Miss Enoch explored oral traditions and storytelling, getting students to manipulate messages and tone in their creation stories.  Mrs Schloss put herself and students in roles as part of a process drama to better understand character.  Mrs Bailey utilised virtual reality to challenge students to build amazing narrative worlds.

The students were extremely focused when writing their unique creative responses, which they have edited with the help of teacher mentors.  These responses are ready for publication in our upcoming annual Student Anthology, to be released in Term Four.  We all look forward to seeing the results of such inspiring work.