Library News

June 7 was a very special day for CCC and for three of our Yr 6 students. It was the day for the Brisbane South Region Readers Cup competition, held at Stretton College.

In this competition, which starts early in the year, students are required to read a set of books chosen by the organisers. There are several divisions of the competition – Yr 5/6, Yr 7/8, and Yr 9/10. This year we only had a Grade 5/6 team. Our competitors were Emma-Lee Blaber, Jayden Ahn, and Joseph Martin of Cassowary Green (with Mrs McDowell).

For this competition, students are not to be coached, but only guided in their reading for details in their stories. Ms Toich, our Junior School Teacher-Librarian had guided our team in Terms 1 and 2. As she was on leave for the day of the competition, Ms Cleeton our Senior School Teacher-Librarian took over and travelled with the team to Stretton College for the competition.


There were 27 schools competing on the day. It was a perfect opportunity for our team to learn about participation (without which, of course, there is no competition!), how to respectfully represent our school, the kind of questions which can be asked about the books, meet new friends and have fun!

One of the highlights of the day was meeting Pamela Rushby a prolific Australian Children’s Book Author, who has produced over 30 titles! You can see these at

Ms Rushby lives in Brisbane and gave the Guest Speaker presentation on the day. She gave our students a bookmark each and talked about the ideas she has for her next story.

Our team was very pleased to receive, on behalf of our school, a book award for being involved with Reader’s Cup for over ten years.

Ms Cleeton and Ms Toich were proud of our team on the day for their excellent behaviour and team spirit. One of our team members was absent on the day, so we did not do as well as we would have liked, but the benefits of being there far out-weighed such losses. Each team member was awarded a Certificate of Participation the day after the competition, with Ms McDowell and the rest of the Cassowary Green class present.

Thank you to our students, Teacher-Librarians, and other schools for being part of a city-wide activity which celebrates the joy and fun of reading for pleasure.

We hope to have more teams involved in 2023!