Kokoda Challenge

Calamvale takes on Kokoda

CALAMVALE, 14 JULY — Calamvale Community College has once again risen to the Kokoda Challenge and successfully competed in the arduous 2018 Jim Stillman Cup.
The Kokoda Challenge is a nation-wide event that draws inspiration from the brave efforts of Australian WWII diggers to defend against an invasion of Papua New Guinea, and aims to instil the values and ethics espoused by Kokoda veterans. This year, the College nominated five teams to compete for the prestigious Jim Stillman Cup, named in honour of a 39th Infantry Battalion legend who braved Kokoda during perilous armed conflict.
Our teams, each comprising four students and one teacher, tackled an intense 48 kilometres of Gold Coast Hinterland terrain with winding trails and steep climbs. Competitors started at Numinbah Valley Hall and made their way through seven checkpoints to reach the finish at Nerang Velodrome. Overall, the Challenge drew out between 13 and 16 hours’ worth of blood, sweat, and tears from our tenacious participants. This test of physical endurance and mental fortitude enriched our students by building their resilience, focus, and teamwork skills.
Deputy Principal Sean Loriaux sees this gruelling challenge as an unforgettable experience: “Kokoda is a fantastic opportunity for our students, and willing teachers, to challenge themselves and develop their character. We look forward to further involvement in this initiative in years to come.”
The College not only assembled in numbers to carry on the Kokoda spirit, but all teams independently raised funds for the Kokoda Youth Foundation, which empowers young Australians from diverse social, cultural, and need backgrounds.