Junior School Online Learning


In the event of a school closure in Term 2, it is important that families have some further information regarding online learning.

Lesson Delivery:

 Teachers will be uploading lessons for the day every morning. This allows families to plan for access to learning if students are sharing devices across the household.
 Attached to lessons there will be teacher instruction (voice, video, written).
 As well as scheduled lessons, we also encourage families to find opportunities that do not involve a device, including the sharing of a story, enjoying a game together and spending time in the garden engaging with nature.

Monitoring of Learning:

 Teachers will be routinely checking throughout the day. Please take into account that teachers will also be preparing for subsequent online lessons throughout the day, so feedback will not be instantaneous and will range from an acknowledgement of receiving work, whole class feedback to the class or individualised feedback depending on the assigned task.

 If there is a specific question pertaining to a task or an issue with accessibility, we aim to address these within a 24 hour period.


 Teachers will be monitoring students’ responses to learning activities on a daily basis and will adjust subsequent lessons/activities in response to this. This mirrors what happens in the classroom on a regular basis.

 During your child’s online learning they will have formative learning tasks in Mathematics, English and Unit of Inquiry. These tasks are designed to provide information for your child’s teacher on their current understanding of what they know and can do. This is not a test and will not be used to give your child an A-E rating. This will help your child’s teacher plan for their next step in learning. Your child will need to complete these tasks independently as much as possible.

 Teachers will make an announcement with the learning activity so that parents are clear that it is a formative learning task.

Student Engagement:

 Just like regular school, every day counts as the College and parents work together to support students with their
continuation of learning.

 Teachers will be monitoring of task engagement during the day.

 Teachers and/or Deputy Principals will be making contact with families after a period of non-engagement with the
online learning platform.