Junior School Online Behaviour

Students in the Junior School will be accessing their learning through Seesaw. This is a closed platform which allows the teacher to allocate lessons to the whole class, small group of individual students. Students will not be able to see or comment on each other’s work or see the individual feedback the teacher gives to a student.

It is important however, that parents continue to monitor their child’s use of technology, as we predict that students will miss the social connection they have with their friends on a daily basis and will look for other opportunities and platforms to meet these needs.

The e-Safety Commissioner has provided support with information so that parents continue to monitor and ensure the safety of their students in an online environment. There is also additional information provided pertaining to some apps children may try to access to make a social connection with their friends. I strongly encourage you to take some time to explore the information
on this site.  Link

As we enter a two week holiday period, at this stage, we have no further information on what learning will look like for our students in Term 2. Please ensure you look for updates on our Facebook page prior to the commencement of Term 2 – Monday 20 April 2020 (Term 2 start date). As you would appreciate, this is new and unchartered territory for all of us, including
for you as parents and caregivers. I can assure you however, that our staff are committed to ensuring that our students continue with their learning in the event of a school closure after the break.

To all of you, we send our best wishes, we are a strong community and ‘we are all in this together’. CCC will be there to support your children and continue their education through this time. Take care, stay well and stay home if you can.

Yours Sincerely
Jackie Welch
Junior School Principal