Junior School Writers’ Workshop


After successfully applying to participate in the Junior School Literature Festival, 42 very excited Year 4, 5 and 6 students arrived for two jam-packed days. There was a buzz in the air. The festival kicked off with five workshops, designed by Calamvale teachers, to provide provocations and inspiration for writing.
The Virtual Reality session, run by Secondary School teacher, Mrs Bailey, transported students into another world where they experienced the sights, sounds and wonders of a magical, mythical new world. ‘This is the best day of school ever, and it’s still only 9:30!’ exclaimed one of our Year 6 boys.

Mrs McLaren explored a Narelle Oliver picture book and modelled a range of drama techniques, to support students to visualise the story and make inferences. Students worked collaboratively to create soundscape to represent an event in the story. Groups worked with Mrs Allen and Mrs Welch to hone their skills in using the five senses and  developed the ‘Show not Tell Strategy’ to enhance their writing.
The second day was intense, a day full of crafting, writing, revising, redrafting and editing. It  required students to take on feedback, demonstrate a growth mindset and persist to produce their best work yet. It was fabulous to watch so many like-minded students share their thoughts, experiences and passion for creativity.

Look out for their published work in our Junior School Anthology early next term!