Japanese School Visit 2019

Last year in June, 8 Students and 2 Teachers went to Japan for an 8 day Cultural and School exchange trip.

During our short stay in Japan we crammed in a lot of activities and were “on the go” the whole time. We visited three Schools. Two were for Taiko exchange and the other was our Sister School Tama Meguro Junior High which is located in central Tokyo. Upon arrival at Tama Meguro, we received an official welcome and spent the day experiencing Japanese Culture and daily life in a Japanese School. We spent a day at the Taiko Lab where we had a two hour Taiko lesson as well as performing two pieces at a Taiko Concert that evening. We went to a Flute making work shop where we got to make our own Japanese Flutes and we also had a traditional dinner with a Japanese family outside of Tokyo.

From a tourist point of view, we experienced many highlight. Just being in Tokyo and seeing the sights and sounds every day was a highlight. But the main highlight was our day trip to the Ancient City of Kamakura which is located about an hour south east of Tokyo.

Each student had many positive things to say about the trip and their personal highlights and favourite moments are many and varied. Here are some of the things students mentioned they liked. Riding the trains. Visiting the 7/11 at the end of a long day and buying snacks. Seeing the City lights of Tokyo at night. Interacting with students at the Schools we visited. Playing Taiko with fellow Taiko Students at the Schools. Doing Calligraphy. Being part of a Japanese Tea Ceremony. Performing at the Taiko Concert. Going shopping in down-town Tokyo. The traditional Japanese rooms we stayed in. Experiencing different culture and just getting to know each other better.

All in all it was a very successful trip. We look forward to our next visit to Japan.