Japanese musician tours Calamvale

Calamvale recently welcomed Fumiko Yamazaki, a prolific and highly respected Japanese percussionist, for a week-long visit.

Fumiko boasts a broad range of musical competencies – she plays the piano, vibraphone, marimba, the Japanese drum, as well as self-created percussion instruments made from bamboo. Fumiko has released several musical albums, writes for her own column in Niigata Prefecture, and has played for Japanese TV programs, including song shows on NHK, Japan’s national public broadcaster.

Fumiko is also a highly capable music educator. She studied classical music at a tertiary level, and has been actively involved in teacher education and instruction across the Japanese drum, ensemble music, and wind instruments. During a two-day workshop, our students were able to learn from a leading figure who is not only a highly skilled musician, but someone who understands how to successfully impart knowledge and foster musical talent.

Fumiko arrived on 29 October and performed with a marimba and vibraphone at the College’s Academic Awards Night. She performed two solo pieces – a traditional Japanese song, “Kagome Kagome”, as well as one of her own compositions titled “One”.

On 31 October, our teachers and students collaborated with Fumiko for a jam-packed concert in CPAC. Involved in this Concert were the Taiko students, Mr Mark Moore and Mr Dean Simmons. A total of eight pieces were performed at the Concert, three of which were Fumiko’s original compositions, and one was a modern Japanese folk song performance by guest soloist, Jennifer, from J Percussion.

A full and enthusiastic audience was captivated by the music created by the instruments such as the miyadaiko, shinobue, and student vocals. Fumiko wrapped up her tour with an exploration of our expansive campus and classroom observations.