iTime Term 2

This week, we have embarked on a timetable change which has taken effect as of Wednesday 10 June. We are trialling a swap between Lesson 2 and 4. This change has been made so that we can capitalise on the staff who are available at the school and to increase engagement into our iTime activities. All students in year 7-11 have chosen either mainstream iTime, Sport, Hospitality or Musical. Students in year 12 have been streamed into either Study Skills or Essential Maths Tutorial. Below is further information about each of the offerings


iTime Year 7-11:


Year 12 Study Skills: Students who are studying 3 or more General Subjects in yar 12 will be attending weekly study skills sessions. These sessions are aimed at building the student’s capacity to use high yield strategies to improve long term memory capabilities in preparation for external exams.  Students are enhancing their study planning habits, developing effective study strategies that can be implemented now, as they work through their final unit of work before exams.  Students are being provided with time to put their study habits in place and next term will focus on the real test preparedness hints and tips.

Year 12 Essential Maths Tutorial: In the Essential Maths tutorial we are analysing the Common Internal Assessment task and devising strategies to work through solutions for each style of question. We are also encouraging the students through this time to critically analyse their Problem Solving and Modelling Tasks, so that they follow the processes involving problem solving. Students will then be able to better understand the requirements of the Essential Maths course and complete it successfully.

Musical Year 7-11: Unabowed and indefatigable, the Arts Department refuses to let 2020 be the death of CCC’s proud tradition of entertaining school musicals – we are back and working tirelessly to salvage our production of Footloose. Whether it is ultimately seen by an audience or not is in the hands of the fates, but students are still being given invaluable rehearsal and performance experience – with an all-acting, all-singing and all-dancing cast giving their all, and a hardnosed, creatively inspired crew assisting with everything from costumes and props, to microphones, lighting and front of house.

Hospitality iTime Year 10 and 11: Students studying either a Certificate II/III in Hospitality or Certificate II in Kitchen Operations at Calamvale Community College have had the option of choosing Hospitality during iTime. This session is part of our Signature Program where students have the opportunity to go beyond the classroom to explore the industry and also develop their skills further in order to support 3 Trees operations. We are also working with our industry partners within the Global Competency context, to establish projects for our students to participate in, which incorporate charity and sustainability opportunities, once COVID restrictions are lifted.

Sport Year 7-11:  Due to Covid-19 restrictions Interschool Sport will look different for the remainder of term two. Each Wednesday students will remain with their current Summer Season Interschool Sport team to participate in a mixture of activities. These activities will relate to the sport they selected and will include team training, skill development, team strategy meetings and inter team tournaments. This is a very exciting opportunity as it allows the teams to further immerse themselves into their chosen sport and further enhance their sports specific skillset. Interschool Sport has also transitioned from session four to session two each week which will allow students to participate in their sporting endeavours earlier in the school day. With regards to the Winter Season of Interschool Sport it is currently postponed and we will provide you with further updates in the near future. (edited)