Introducing digital texts to CCC

With the introduction of a new senior certification system comes new learning expectations and assessment – we endeavour to keep our community abreast of any relevant information as it becomes available. Most of our attention has been focussed on the units to be studied, the timing of this work, and the nature of assessment, so that we can best prepare our students for their Year 12 experience in 2020.  The most recent information has indicated the need for students to store documents for extended periods of time, and to submit senior assessment through digital portals so that they can be quickly accessed and processed. As such, all students in their senior years will require access to digital devices for use in classrooms and for assessment submission.

As a result of this, all senior students attending the College in 2019 will need to have a portable digital device, such as a tablet, iPad or laptop. A smart phone is insufficient. In keeping with this requirement, students in Years 10 to 12 will access their textbooks in digital format. This decision to adopt to digital textbooks has been discussed and ratified by the P&C at a recent meeting. This transition from the traditional paper-based format will greatly benefit our students – digital textbooks can be loaded onto students’ devices, thus making them accessible anywhere and at any time for the duration of their course. This removes the need for students to transport heavy texts to and from home, the costly exercise of replacing damaged books, and the need for class sets.  Digital textbooks will also provide high-quality, curriculum-aligned information for students, including some interactive capacity, and most texts cover two, if not three years of learning from Years 10 to 12.

Documentation will soon be distributed outlining how to access digital texts, the associated costs, and the subsequent changes to the Student Resource Scheme payments.

Purchases will be made through an external provider, Campion, and families of students (including IB) in Years 10 to 12 will deal directly with this company.  The College will continue to provide technical support for students with regards to their laptops, though no responsibility will be taken for repairs.  Lockers will continue to be available throughout the Secondary School, and will be allocated upon request.

Keeping in line with an increasingly digital world, the College will also introduce digital textbooks to Year 7 in 2019. This decision – which has also been ratified by the P&C – will remove the need for us to purchase new paper-based texts and will allow our younger Secondary students to become familiar with this digital format.

The packages available to Junior Secondary students are very impressive in price, quality, and breadth of subjects covered in a purchased bundle of digital texts. There are bundles of texts covering all subjects that students can sample in Years 7, 8 and 9.  After investigating the requisite costs surrounding this change, the College has made the decision to purchases the licences for Year 7, as it is significantly cheaper for schools than it is for parents.  Students will be provided with codes to access Year 7 text bundles after payment is received.  Parents will however be responsible for providing the device for students.  More information will be provided with minimum specifications for all digital devices.

2019 Summary of Secondary School Student Resource Scheme Changes

Together with the P&C, the College has reached an agreement as to the Student Resources Scheme charges for 2019. These updated charges will reflect the introduction of digital texts in Years 7, 10, 11 and 12.